Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Gettysburg - July 4th - what is Lee up to?

Meade To Halleck  July 4, 1863—7 A. M.

This morning the enemy has withdrawn his pickets from the positions of yesterday. My own pickets are moving out to ascertain the nature and extent of the enemy's movement. My information is not sufficient to decide its character yet, whether a retreat or manoeuvre for other purpose.

Meade To Halleck, July 4, 1863—Noon.

The position of affairs is not materially changed since my last despatch, 7 A. M. The enemy apparently has thrown back his left, and placed guns and troops in position in rear of Gettysburg, which we now hold. The enemy has abandoned a large number of his killed and wounded on the field. I shall require some time to get up supplies, ammunition, etc., rest the army, worn out by long marches and three days' hard fighting. I shall possibly be able to give you a return of our captures and losses before night, and return of the enemy's killed and wounded in our hands.

Meade To Halleck  July 4, 1863—10 P. M.

No change of affairs since despatch of 12 noon. I make a reconnoissance to-morrow, to ascertain what is the intention of the enemy. My cavalry are now moving towards the South Mountain pass, and should the enemy retreat, I shall pursue him on his flank. A proposition, made by General Lee under flag of truce,to exchange prisoners, was declined by me.

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