Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Jefferson Davis - Brete Harte version

Repudiator, Speculator, Dictator; Who enjoyed the distinction of being the first And last President of the Southern Confederacy. 

A Christian and Chivalrous Gentleman, He starved Union Captives in his Prisons, And sanctioned the Massacre of Fort Pillow. But his manners were courtly and elegant,

And his State papers models of excellence. He was remarkable for his executive wisdom:To provide material for his forces, He ordered corn to be planted instead of cotton,

Which enabled Sherman to march through Georgia.

He perpetuated a Slave Empire, Whose bondsmen were guides to the Union Armies.

Consistent in his inconsistencies,

He connived at the assassination of the only man

Who could have saved him from the gallows.

The incarnation of dignity and heroism,

He was taken disguised in his wife's petticoats,

Claiming exemption from capture

On the grounds of his femininity.R

As such, friends, respect his weakness,

And that of the few who still admire him.

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