Thursday, July 05, 2012

Gettysburg - July 5th - Lee has retreated

Meade To Halleck July 5, 1863—8.30 A. M.
The enemy retired, under cover of the night and heavy rain, in the direction of Fairfield and Cashtown. All my available cavalry are in pursuit on the enemy's left and rear. My movement will be made at once on his flank via Middletown and South Mountain pass. I cannot give you the details of our captures in prisoners, colors, and arms. Upwards of twenty battle-flags will be turned in from one corps. I cannot delay to pick up the debris of the battle-field, and request that all these arrangements may be made by the departments. My wounded, with those of the enemy in our hands, will be left at Gettysburg. After burying our own dead, I am compelled to employ citizens to bury the enemy's.

My head-quarters will be to-night at Creagerstown. Communication received from General Smith, in command of three thousand men, on the march from Carlisle towards Cashtown.

Field return last evening gives me about fifty-five thousand effective men in the ranks, exclusive of cavalry, baggage guards, ambulance attendants, etc. Every available reinforcement is required, and should be sent to Frederick without delay.

Halleck To Meade Washington, D. C., July 5, 1863.
Your movements are perfectly satisfactory. Your call for reinforcements to Frederick has been anticipated. Call to you all of Couch's force.

Halleck To Schenck, Washington, D. C., July 5, 1863.
Send everything forward to Frederick, except the usual garrison of Baltimore. The enemy is in retreat. Baltimore is in no possible danger. Give General Meade all the aid in your power.

Halleck To Kelly, Washington, D. C., July 5, 1863.
Do everything in your power to capture or destroy Lee's trains, which will endeavor to cross at Williamsport or Falling Waters. His army is in full retreat.

Meade To Halleck, July 5, 1863.
Among the several officers killed is General Farnsworth, of our cavalry, not before mentioned. Rebel General Kemper killed, Pender and Johnson wounded.

Meade To Halleck, July 5, 1863—6. P M.
I send copies of all my despatches since yesterday A. M. My army is all in motion. I shall be at Frederick to-morrow night.  I desire the forces mentioned in your despatch to Major-General French to be thrown to Harper's Ferry by rail as soon as possible. I shall so instruct Major-General French. It is of importance to get possession of South Mountain passes and Maryland heights.

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