Monday, August 03, 2009

Why McCain choose Palin as V-P

Or more accurately, "How McCain desperately wanted to choose Joe Lieberman but was talked out of it." The Washington Post tells the story.

Of course, like Pravda, you have to read between the lines to understand what really happened. In short, the Republican nominee for POTUS, was dead set on nominating Al Gore's Running mate as the Republican VP. And of course if McCain had died during his first term, a liberal democrat would have become the head of a Republican Administration. This wasn't some crazy "Maverick" idea, all of McCain's advisers wanted it to happen as did Lindsey Graham.

So why didn't it happen? The McCain advisers - at the last moment - talked to some honest to God (outside the beltway) Republicans and realized that a Lieberman nomination would result in a floor fight and possible walkout of several state delegations. So the whole McCain plan of waiting till the last minute and springing Lieberman on the GOP was ditched.

Palin was picked as a panic last minute choice.

So there you have it. The GOP nominated a man who wanted a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT as his VP (and possible POTUS) - and we know - so-called Conservatives - Hewitt, Goldberg and Kristol were A-ok with this. Does anyone think the GOP establishment would have objected to McCain-Lieberman? Of course not. They would told conservatives to STFU and support "our" nominee.

The insanity of it is mind boggling. To go in 20 years from Reagan to Lieberman. The GOP is hopeless. Grass-roots Conservatives, you're being played for suckers and if you stay in the GOP you are fools.

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