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FDR's Vacations and Travels April 1944-April 1945

April 8th to May 7th 1944 - Barnard Baruch Plantation
Leaves Washington DC for rest in South Carolina. In late March FDR had what is now thought to be either a mild heart attack or stroke. After 2 weeks of medical tests his doctors ordered hm to take 4 weeks rest at Bernard Baruch's Plantation in South Carolina.

July 13, 1944 to August 17, 1944
FDR leaves DC by train for San Diego and then by Cruiser to Honolulu and Alaska.

July 13 Left Washington.
14 Day at Hyde Park.
15 Thirty-minute stop in Chicago.
19 Arrived Marine Base, San Diego.
20 Acceptance speech by Radio from San Diego.
21 By cruiser for Pearl Harbor.
26 Arrived Pearl Harbor.
29 Left Pearl Harbor by Cruiser for Aleutians.
August 3-4 Visited Adak and Kodiak.
12 Arrived Bremerton Washington Gives nationwide radio address
13 Leaves Seattle for Washington DC
17 Reached White House

September 1 1944 to September 5th Hyde Park
Labor Day Holiday

September 11-17th 1944 Quebec Conference
Meets with Churchill and the JCS

September 17th-September 2oth Hyde Park
Rest after Conference

November 27, 1944 to December 19th at Warm Springs GA.
FDR goes to relax after winning the election.

December 23, 1944 to December 30, 1944 at Hyde Park
Christmas Vacation

January 22, 1946 to February 28th 1945 - Yalta Conference
January 23 Leaves Norfolk Va on USS Quincy
Feb 2 Arrives Malta - Meets with JCS and Churchill
Feb 3 Leaves by Plane for Yalta
Feb 12 Arrives USS Quincy at Bitter Lake in Suez Canal
Feb 13 Meets Haile Selassie aboard USS Quincy
Feb 14 Meets Ibn Saud, Leaves by Cruiser for Alexandria
Feb 15 Meets Churchill in Alexandria Harbor
Feb 18 Meets Ambassadors aboard USS Quincy in Algeria Harbor
Feb 28 Arrives Newport News aboard USS Quincy

March 26,1945 to March 28th 1945 Hyde Park
FDR rests after 25 days at the White House

March 30, 1945 to April 12, 1945 Warm Springs GA
After spending most of March 29th at the White House FDR leaves for Warm Springs
Dies April 12th.

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