Wednesday, February 19, 2014

MacArthur Meets FDR - Air Flight Timeline- July 1944

July 26 1944 08:15 - MacArthur leaves Brisbane on C-54 for Honolulu.

Flight 1: Brisbane to New Caledonia.  Distance: 1,000 miles  Total flight time - 4/12 hours
Flight 2: New Caledonia  to Canton Island - Distance 2,000 miles. Total flight Time  -10 hours.
Flight 3:  Canton Island to Honolulu - Distance 2,000 miles,  Total flight Time - 10 hours.

MacArthur arrives Honolulu July 26, 1944 at 14:45 Hawaiian Time.  Time of trip - 26 hours with stops for refueling.

At Canton, MacArthur receives a message from Nimitz requesting he delay his arrival till 17:00.  Reason: FDR is scheduled to arrive the same time as MacArthur. Nimitz cannot meet both at the same time.  MacArthur replies no delay is required since it is unnecessary for Nimitz to greet him personally on arrival.  Note: FDR's ship  arrived late at Pearl Harbor, allowing Nimitz to greet MacArthur when he landed.

Nimitz meets MacArthur when he arrives.  MacArthur is dropped off at Fort Shafter,  so he can bath and shave before meeting the President.

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