Tuesday, February 18, 2014

July 20 1944 Marshall tells General Richardson - MacArthur and FDR are Coming to Hawaii

To Lieutenant General Robert C. Richardson, Jr.
July 20, 1944   [Washington, D.C.]
Top Secret

Dear Richardson:
I am not informed as to whether or not you have been advised of the approaching visit of the President to Hawaii.  Until you are so informed by Admiral Nimitz please do not disclose my mention of the visit to him or to any other individual.

To meet the President and Admiral Leahy, General MacArthur has been directed to arrive at Honolulu on July 26th.  He has been told that you would be notified in advance of his arrival—this is the notification—therefore that there would be no occasion for him to communicate in advance with you.   Incidentally, General MacArthur has not been told that he is to meet the President, though it is quite probable that he has guessed as much.  General MacArthur has been advised that in communicating with you of the time of arrival of his plane he, MacArthur, should be referred to as "Mr. Catch"; therefore when some such message arrives you will know whom it refers to and make arrangements accordingly.

I should like you to arrange for his appropriate reception and for him to stay with you.
I assume that you will know at the time of his arrival when will be the convenient hour for him to pay his respects to the President.  You can arrange this through Admiral Leahy.

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