Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tiger Woods fails again

Once again Tiger goes into a final round major within striking distance and can't win.   Many are blaming his wayward tee shots but the real culprit is his putting.  Tiger couldn't make a birdie putt to save his life and could easily have run away with the 2012 Claret Jug if only he could have putted like the Tiger of old.  Weirdly he's still the best chipper in the game, not only holing it out from an 18th hole bunker for 2nd round birdie but time and time again chipping it close enough for a small tap-in.

On the bright side, Tiger seems to have gotten smart and recognized his limitations.  Instead of bashing away with his driver,  he's adopted the Nicklaus strategy of going with his irons off the tee, hitting a lot greens-in-regulation and eking out a victory.  But to do that, you need to putt well and Tiger isn't.

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