Monday, June 18, 2012

Tiger's drought continues

Tiger shot a disappointing 7-over par to finish in 21st place. Sad, considering he was tied for the U.S. Open lead Saturday morning. He extended his majors drought to four years. Several comments:

1) Tiger - like many over 35 - isn't putting as well as he used to. Football players say "the legs are the first to go"; golfers say "the putting is the first to go".

2) Tiger's 4th round pattern in Major tournaments continues. In Majors he's 14-1 when going into the final round when leading or being tied for the lead. He's never won otherwise. Unlike Nicklaus, Tiger doesn't finish 2nd very often, nor does he come from behind to win majors. Is it that Tiger is so good when he's ahead, or has his competition been so weak?

3) His driving fell apart on Saturday and Sunday. He played the first six difficult holes so well the first two rounds, then disaster struck.

4) Its amazing how charisma free most of the PGA is - outside of Tiger. Most fans I talked to knew about Tiger, Phil Michelson, and that's about it. Given the winning score was +1, and Tiger went into the third round at -1, its obvious he could have won it easily. The absence of any GREAT golfers - other than Tiger -has hurt the game

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