Friday, June 29, 2012

Conservatives - even when lose they think they win

Reminds me of this from Larry Auster (who's a racist but often right):

"So I have my answer. There is no absurdity to which conservatives will not resort in order to claim that conservatism has really won, and thus that conservatism is still a viable movement. America could be officially proclaimed a Soviet state tomorrow, and the conservative pundits would chortle—just as they did about every leftward move by George W. Bush—that this is really a brilliant Machiavellian maneuver by which the conservative agenda is being advanced

Then of course there are people like Frum, but I guess the less said about people like that, the better—save to point out that it’s no wonder they’re E.J. Dionne’s and Sam Tannenhaus’s type of “conservative,” namely in-house conservatives who know their role, which is (a) to serve as a handy whipping-boy/scapegoat for policies that go awry, and (b) to transform leftist policies into “bi-partisan consensus of all reasonable, decent, thoughtful people.”

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