Saturday, October 02, 2010

Why David Brooks Loves Mitch Daniels

At first, it didn't make sense. Why would a New York Times 'conservative', who hates Palin, and voted for Obama, like an obscure Mid-western red-state Governor. And then I looked at Mitch's biography and found someone who's:

  • an Ivy-leaguer: Princeton Grad ('71) Georgetown Law ('79)
  • not a social conservative -Arrested for Marijuana use (1970); Divorced and remarried
  • a DC insider - Senator Lugar's Buddy and principle aide - 1971-1985 and Reagan White House political advisor 1985-1987
  • a supportor of Big Business -VP of Global Pharmasuitical Company Eli Lilly and Company - 1990-2001
  • a Supporter of George Bush and the Iraq War. -OMB Director 2001-2003
  • a "neo-con" - President and CEO of the Hudson Institute 1987-1990.

So Mitch is really quite acceptable to moderate DC insiders like Brooks, despite coming from Indiana.


E R E said...

you forgot:

also a lover of regressive taxes in order to lower the DEFICIT!!!1!!

key sentence:
"He stressed that he would support a VAT “under only the right circumstances,” reiterating his desire for it to be paired with a flat income tax. "


rcocean said...

Yes, a brilliant comment indeed by Mitch, 'cause we know Congress would never -ever - keep the VAT tax and later un-flatten the "flat tax".

I mean Look at Europe, where low income taxes are paired with VAT taxes.

Trooper York said...

He votes for him like I vote for the Mets in the All Star game.

Because he wants them to lose.

rcocean said...

Hey, Trooper thanks for the comment. I thought you were on vacation?

Trooper York said...

Hey man you are the one on vacation. Hee.