Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Twenty Worst Figures US History

01) Alexander Hamilton
02) Calhoun
03) Jefferson Davis
04) Benedict Arnold
05) The Rosenbergs
06) George Soros
07) Ayn Rand
08) Harry Hopkins
09) Earl Warren
10) Ted Kennedy
11) John Paul Stevens
12) LBJ
13) Harry Dexter White
14) Charles Sumner
15) Woodrow Wilson
16) Lillian Hellman
17) Howard Zinn
18) Jon Dewey
19) The Sulzberger Family
20) Felix Frankfurter


Trooper York said...

You forgot Althouse?

Trooper York said...

Also, Jeremy, AlphaLiberal, Hdhouse and all the dweebs you argue with all the time in the comments at BoringHeads.

rcocean said...

Hey Trooper, thanks for the post.

Are you asserting the Jeremy, AL, and HD post at Blogging-heads under Nom de plumes? Hmm..possible.