Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jefferson Davis - Visits to the Army of Tennessee

Unlike Abe Lincoln, Davis made several long trips to visit the Western Theater. He got out of Richmond and made the following trips to the Army of Tennessee:

  • December 9th - January 4th 1863 - Davis leaves Richmond via Lynchburg-Chattanooga and visits Bragg and the AoT at Murfreesboro Tennessee. Later, he goes to Mississippi and confers with Generals Johnston and Van Dorn. Spends December 23-25 in Vicksburg inspecting the defenses. On the way back he visits Mobile, Atlanta, and Charleston.

  • October 6- November 7th 1863. Visits Bragg and AoT at Missionary Ridge, later meets with Polk, Forrest in Meridian Mississippi and Joe Johnston and Hardee in Atlanta. Visits troops and makes speeches in Mobile, Selma, Savannah, Charleston, and N.C.

  • September 20, 1864 - October 6, 1864. Confers with Hood in Palmetto Georgia and reviews the AoT on September 25-27. Visits Montgomery Alabama & Beauregard in Augusta Ga. Makes speeches in NC and SC.

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