Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Abe Lincoln Visits to the Army of the Potomac

Apr. 1st 1862
Lincoln goes to Alexandria, Va. - meets with General McClellan,

May 5th - 12th 1862
Lincoln goes to Fortress Monroe, Va. meets with Wool, Burnside and Navy. Does not meet with McClellan

May 22nd - 23rd 1862
Lincoln visits McDowell at Fredericksburg

July 7th - 10th 1862
Lincoln takes boat to Fortress Monroe & Harrison's Landing - visits McClellan and Burnside.

Oct. 1st - 4th .1862
Lincoln visits Gen. McClellan and battlefields in vicinity of Antietam.

Nov. 26th - 27th 1862
Lincoln goes to Aquia Creek - confers with Burnside on steamer Baltimore.

April. 4th - 10th 1863
Visits Hooker and AoP at Falmouth

May 6th - 7th. 1863
Lincoln visits Gen. Hooker and the AoP after defeat at Chancellorsville.

June 20th - 23rd 1864
Lincoln visits Gen. Grant at City Point

July 30th - 31st 1864
Lincoln visits Gen. Grant at Fortress Monroe

March. 23rd - Apr. 6th. 1865

Lincoln visits Gen. Grant at City Point

Apr. 4th - 5th 1865

Lincoln visits the evacuated city of Richmond, Va.

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