Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why are Conservatives kidding themselves?

There is no evidence the Republicans are ever going to nominate a true conservative. Wake up conservatives, the Republicans nominated McCain because they liked him, agreed with him - and they'd do it again!

Look at the record:

1976 - Nominated Ford over Reagan
1980 - 40 percent wanted Bush I - not Reagan
1988 - 40 percent wanted Dole - the other 60 percent wanted Bush I
1996- Nominated Bob "Where's the Outrage" Dole
2000- 60 percent wanted "Compassionate Conservative Bush II - the other 40% John Maverick McCain
2008 - Nominated the Maverick and in 2nd place Mitt Romney the former pro-choice moderate Republican from Massachusetts.

The Republican party is hopeless. Even now they're all lining up to support Romney in '012.

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