Saturday, May 16, 2009

Burnside and Lincoln - A Chronology

Lincoln and Burnside:

01) July 8th 1862 AM
Lincoln meets with Burnside at Ft Monroe on the way to Harrison Landing & McClellan.
02) July 9th 1862 PM
After reviewing the AoP at Harrison Landings Lincoln returns to Ft. Monroe on way to Washington DC - offers Burnside command of the Army of the Potomac - he refuses
03) July 23rd 1862
Burnside meets with Lincoln, Stanton, Halleck and Pope at the WH to discuss strategy.
04) July 28th 1862
Lincoln meets with Burnside and Halleck at WH & reaches decision to withdraw AoP from the Peninsula.
05) Sept 5th, 1862
Burnside in Washington DC. meets with Halleck, Lincoln and McClellan - offered field command of AoP - he refuses.
06) Nov 5th 1862
Lincoln orders Burnside to Replace McCllellan in Command of AoP - Burnside at first refuses, then accepts when told the alternative is Hooker.
07) Nov 26th 1862
Lincoln travels alone to Aquia Creek and meets with Burnside to discuss the campaign.
08) Dec 20th 1862
Burnside meets with Lincoln at the WH
8) Dec 22nd 1862
Burnside meets again with Lincoln, Stanton attends.
09) Dec 29th 1862
Lincoln meets with AoP Generals who state Burnside is incompetent & must go.
10) Dec 30th 1862
Lincoln telegraphs Burnside not to move the army without his knowledge.
11) Dec 31st & Jan 1st 1863
Burnside meets with Lincoln at WH - offers to resign
12) Jan 8th 1863
Lincoln disapproves Burnside offer to resign
13) Jan 24th 1863
Burnside meets with Lincoln at WH - requests Hooker and other officers be relieved of command & if not, that he be allowed to resign his commission.
14) Jan 25th 1863
Halleck meets with Burnside relieves him of Command of the AoP - Burnside transferred to Department of Ohio. Hooker given command of AoP.

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