Thursday, May 21, 2009

How many men does Lee Have? June 1863

Hooker tells Lincoln Lee has 100,000-110,000 marching North:

DUMFRIES, June 14, 1863—8.30 p. m. (Received 9 p. in.)
Mr. PRESIDENT: I have reason to believe that Longstreet’s and
the greater part of Ewell’s corps marched from Culpeper, on the
Sperryville road, on Sunday last [7th], and that a column, which
occupied four hours in passing, followed on Thursday. If this was
the case, the head of the column has had time to reach Winchester,
and if it is a movement for invasion, it is a fair presumption to con-
clude that the bulk of his cavalry is with him. The enemy has in
this column not less than between 70,000 and 80,000 men. A. P.
Hill’s corps, of about 30,000, is still on the south side of the Rappa-
hannock, and General Hancock has just informed me that present
appearances indicate that he intends to force the passage of the river
in the morning. His troops have all been halted at and below Banks’
Ford. My trains are all this side of Stafford Court-House, and the
public property, I am informed, will be removed from Aquia to-
morrow—the sick to-night.

Major- General


Trooper York said...

The reason why Grant was such a great general was he didn't care how many men the other side had. He just wanted to kill them. Then they would have less.

Trooper York said...

Your civil war stuff is great. I don't always comment but I read every one.

rcocean said...

Hey, I agree on Grant, Lee and Jackson were the same way. Seems like everyone on the union side - except Grant - constantly exaggerated Lee's strength. It just wasn't McClellan.

Trooper York said...

Bush is Grant. Obama is McCellan.

Just sayn'

Trooper York said...

Oh and Joe Biden is as close to Joe Hooker as you can get man.

rcocean said...


Yes, What about Joe Biden and Ben Butler? Some similarities.