Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Columbo Season 3 - Episode Ratings

Most Excellent (A)

1. Any Old Port In A Storm (Donald Pleasence)
One of the best Columbo episodes. Donald Pleasence is very good and one of the most sympathetic killers in the series.

2. Double Exposure (Robert Culp)
Can you say, double your pleasure? Robert Culp is great as "Doctor" Kepple, a highly-organized marketing and motivational researcher The story itself is very good: subliminal cuts, mind games, and beating the killer at his own game. An excellent ending.

3. Publish Or Perish (Jack Cassidy)
Jack Cassidy plots a quite clever murder. Cassidy's partner in crime is one of the creepiest and well acted supporting characters in Columbo. Cassidy himself is on fire the whole time, playing a great drunk in one scene and a charming gentleman in another. Interestingly, the series ends with no arrest or real rebuttal from Cassidy - just "gotcha" and then fade out.

Good (B)

4. Swan Song (Johnny Cash)
Johnny Cash does a great job as a former convict that kills a rather unlikable wife. The murder is clever and so is Columbo's ploy to catch him. Cash is very sympathetic, and Columbo actually looks sad when realizes that Cash committed murder. The only demerit is there is no reason to suspect murder but Columbo does. A small plane crashes and the pilot survives. To Columbo this means only one thing: Homicide! Of course, if Cash hadn't been caught red-handed with the parachute, Columbo would have had no case.

5. A Friend In Deed (Richard Kiley)
Columbo nabs his boss. Kiley is fantastic as Commissioner Halperin. Once again, a killer makes the mistake of planting evidence.

Average (C)

6. Lovely But Lethal (Vera Miles)
Has some great moments. And who can deny Vera Miles her beauty, charm, and sophistication?

7. Candidate For Crime (Jackie Cooper)
Jackie Cooper makes an excellent Columbo killer, as well as a great politician! He schmoozes everyone, including his wife and girlfriend, like a pro.

Below Average (D)

8. Mind Over Mayhem (Robert Walker)
A rather weak episode but Robbie the Robot is very good.

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