Sunday, May 31, 2009

Columbo Season 2 - Episode Ratings

Most Excellent (A)

1. ETUDE IN BLACK (John Cassavettes)
Co-stars Blyth Danner and Myrna Loy. One of the best Columbo episode ever.

2. MOST CRUCIAL GAME (Robert Culp)
An extremely well-acted episode that ends too quickly. This one could have been twice as long and & remained interesting. Some think the killer's motive is missing. But its there, its just not obvious. Culp kills Wagner because he wants Mrs. Wagner (who likes or loves him) to own the team, not Mr. Wagner, an unstable, alcoholic playboy whose threatened to fire Culp and seems to dislike him.

3.-STITCH IN CRIME (Leonard Nimoy)
A fast paced, well acted episode. The cold, intelligent doctor is played well by Nimoy.

4.-MOST DANGEROUS MATCH (Lawrence Harvey)
Harvey shows why he was nominated for an Oscar. He plays a killer similar to (the occupation is different) Nimoy's but Harvey brings a whole range of emotion to the part that Nimoy does not. Nimoy along with De Forest Kelly have to be two the luckiest actors ever. Both were incredibly limited but got cast in a popular TV series/movies with roles that fit them.

Good (B)



Not bad, an unusual Columbo - we don't know who Baxter was really trying to kill and why till the end. Baxter and Falk has some great scenes & Columbo is genuinely star-struck at the seeing the great "Nora Chandler".

Average (C)

7. DOUBLE SHOCK (Martin Landau)
Landau plays twins.

8. DAGGER OF THE MIND (RIchard Baseheart)
Columbo finds himself in England helping Scotland Yard solve a murder. Richard Baseheart isn't bad, but the murder and solution are secondary to having fun with tourist Columbo.


hidispenser said...

Thank you for these Columbo ratings. I've been using them to determine which episodes are worth my time streaming (Netflix has them). So far, you've been on the money in judging episode quality.

RIP, Peter Falk.

rcocean said...

Thanks, Hidispenser.