Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confederate General - How dangerous?

Well, it varied. The longer you were a front-line Confederate general the bigger the chance of death, wounds, or illness. Every one of of the 8 men who were Lee's Corps commanders from 1862-1865 were either WIA or KIA,

Wounded In Action:
-Longstreet - out for six months (lost feeling in one hand)
-Ewell - twice, leg amputated below the knee
-Hampton - five times

Killed in Action:
-AP Hill - April 1865
-Stuart - May 1864
-Jackson - May 1863

Lee survived the war unharmed. But Joe Johnston and Hood - both commanders of the "other Confederate Army" were both wounded, Hood losing both a leg and an arm.


Trooper York said...

The only thing more dangerous is to be married to OJ Simpson.

Trooper York said...

Or Robert Blake.

Trooper York said...

Or William Shatner.

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