Monday, September 22, 2008

Civil War Corps Commanders a Comparison

For major armies compare number of Corp commanders and professional soldiers and West Point Grads

ANV (June 62 to November 64)

Corps Commanders - 8 (Stuart, Hampton, Jackson, Longstreet, Early, Ewell, Anderson, AP Hill)
Total West Point Grads - 7

Army of Potomac -
Total Corps Commanders - 31
West Point Grads - 27

Army of The Cumberland @ May 1864
Total Corps Commanders - 4 (Thomas, Hooker, Howard, Palmer)
West Point Grads - 3

Army of The Ohio @ May 1864
Total Corps Commanders - 3 (Schofield, Cox, Stoneman)
West Point Grads - 2

The Army of the Tennessee @ May 1864
Total Corps Commanders - 4 (McPherson, Blair, Logan, Dodge)
West Point Grads - 1

Confederate Army of Tennessee
Total Corps Commanders - 7 (Bragg, Johnston, Hood, Hardee, Polk, S.D Lee, AP Stewart)
West Point Grads - 7


Trooper York said...

I always thought Hood was a very interesting character. I recently read an alternative history where he changed his movements at the end of the war and it ended up continuing for another two years. I forget the name of the book but I will let you know. Very interesting stuff.

rcocean said...

Trooper looking forward to your recommendation. I know you're a devotee of alternate History.