Sunday, March 02, 2008

Omar Bradley's Career

One of the most important and less well known US Generals of WW II was Omar Bradley. Like Ike he came out of nowhere, rose like a rocket and ended the war in command of 12th Army Group which contained 4 armies and 48 of 89 US army divisions. IOW, he ended up commanding almost half of the US field Army.

His career path was:

1915 - Graduates from West Point with Ike - 44th in his class
1918 - Spends WW I in Montana - briefly trains a battalion for overseas service.
1920 - West Point Instructor - Math
1925 - Graduates from Infantry School - 2nd in his class.
1926 - Liaison National Guard - Hawaii
1928 - Staff College Leavenworth
1929 - Infantry School teaching tactics under George Marshall
1933 - Army War College
1934 - West Point Instructor - tactics
1936 - Promoted Lt. Col
1938 - Moves to DC as G-3 assistant secretary to Chief of Staff Office
Feb 1941 - Commander Infantry School - Promoted to Brig. General (skips Full Col)
Feb 1942 - Commander 82nd Division and later 28th Infantry Divisions - CONUS
Feb 1943 - At Ike's request goes to Tunisia to report conditions and provide solutions.
March 1943 - Ike replaces Fredendall with Patton and promotes Bradley as Deputy Corps Commander.
April 1943 - Commander II Corps - Patton leaves to Plan Sicily Invasion
May 1943 - Bradley leads II Corps to victory in Tunisia.
June 1943 - In a letter to Marshall Ike rates Bradley as his best General - above Patton.
July 1943 - Commands II Corps in Sicily
Sept 1943 - Ike calls Bradley "the best rounded combat commander I have met in this war" Recommends Bradley be given First Army command for Overlord
Oct 1943 - England as Commander First Army. Planning for Overlord.
Aug 1944 - Promoted to Command of 12th Army Group
Sept 1945 - Head of VA
Feb 1948 - Succeeds Ike as Army COS
Aug 1949 - Becomes First Head of JCS - Made "General of the Army" - A rank only held by Ike, MacArthur, Marshall, Pershing, and Arnold.
Aug 1953 - Retires

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