Friday, February 29, 2008

Tanenhaus Discusses WFB

An excellent Q&A in the NYT reveling much about WFB, Tanenhaus, and the NYT's readership.

The questioners seem obsessed with Buckley's position on "civil rights" and minorities. I counted almost 10 of the 30 something questions related to such ancient topics as "Brown v. Board" and "Segregation". Others wanted to know Buckley's position on Jews (He was in favor of them) and Gays (he was in favor of them, except for Gore Vidal).

I used to wonder what liberals would talk/write about when racism more or less died in this country - and now I know. They'll just keep talking about racism in the past. They just won't let the subject go or move on. To them its always 1965 and they're the brave liberals battling "Bull Conner" and his police dogs and helping poor black folks.

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