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More crazy quotes from "The Imperial Cruise" by James Bradley

Quotes from Chairman James "Mau-mau" Bradley on the Philippine-American War (1899-1902):

Factual Errors and outright lies: 
  1. Error: The Philippines first Independence day was celebrated on June 12, 1898. The Filipinos would not celebrate another Independence day for another sixty-four years (!) - Page 91
Fact:  The Philippians became Independent in 1946.  48 years after their 1st Independence day.

Lie:  On the Battle of Manila 1899 -  US forces killed more than 3,000 Filipino freedom-fighters in the first twenty-four hours.  Photos of Filipino dead heaped in American dug ditches,  recalled the US Army burial scene at Wounded knee... few remember that more Filipinos defending their country than Americans died on D-Day. - Page 102

Fact: The Filipinos lost 238 men killed - not 3,000. 

Lie: Most US history books claim they killed 20,000 to 30,000 freedom-fighters and 200,000-300,000 civilians; other sources estimate the US Military sent one million to three million to early graves. - Page 127

Fact:  No reputable historian believes we killed "one million Filipinos" The total population of Philippines was only 8 million and increased substantially from 1900 to 1910.  Comparison of the Census records shows no decrease in any age group. 

Lie: US Military action reduced the Carabaos population by 90 percent, result in mass hunger throughout the Philippines. -Page 120

Lie: The  US army had systematically executed 1,300 Filipino Prisoners in just one camp. Americans brought in a priest to hear the condemned men's confessions.  The US forces marched the Filipino prisoners to the killing grounds, made them dig their own graves, then shot them.  The body of the priest swung from a noose overhead. - page 129

Lie: On September 14, 1900, just two weeks after he assumed office, TR responded to the worst military crisis since the Battle of Little Big Horn.  51 American soldiers had died in Balangiga massacre. - Page 122

  • The US Army-Nazi Killing machine exposed or More Bradley Lies:

      1. "Inside the fetid and poorly supplied camps, many uprooted civilians died. US soldiers shot captured freedom-fighters as common criminals..."
      2. On Election day, November 4, 1900, the public gave the Republicans their biggest victory since Grant's re-election in 1872.  Robert Austill,  a soldier in the Philippines wrote: "The people of the United States want us to kill all the men, F- all the women, and produce a new race for these islands."
      3. [While Taft enjoyed life in his Manila mansion...]Outside Manila, the US Military were still forcing civilians into Concentration camps, vultures grew too fat to fly as they feasted upon the corpses of dead Filipinos, torture was routine,  and the smoke of burned towns filled the air. - Page 120
      4. In one letter that surfaced, one soldier stated he had water-boarded 160 Filipinos, of whom 134 died. Other evidence made it undeniably clear that atrocity warfare had been condoned and encouraged from the top.
      5. US fought WW II for 56 months and lost about 400,000 dead.  So Hitler and Tojo killed about as many about the same per month - 7,200 - as the US did in the Philippines.
      6. Ingenious Yankees employed a variety of other gruesome tortures, including flogging, scorching bound prisoners over open fires, and the rope cure.  A private from Utah summed things up in a letter home to his parents "No cruelty is too severe for these brainless monkeys..."
      7. Captain Fred Macdonald ordered every native in the Hamlet of LaNong killed, save a beautiful mestizo woman, whom the officers repeatedly raped, prior to giving her over to the enlisted men. - page 106
      8. General Smith gave residents of Samar 10 days to abandon their homes and enter US Concentration camps or be shot on site.  In field reports, Major Waller enumerated many civilian deaths, but no US casualties.
      A random slam against Booker T Washington
      1. He (Taft) held elections but allowed only three percent of the population to vote... he modeled Filipino education after the Tuskegee institute where Blacks learned to work with their hands and say "Yes, sir" at every opportunity.
      Teddy Roosevelt - Racist Zoo-keeper
      1. Roosevelt called his zoo-like freak show [1904 St. Louis World's Fair Exhibition], the "Philippine reservation".  Roosevelt had his minions search the wilds of the Philippines and ship 1,200 Filipinos to St. Louis,  where he presented them as closer to monkey's than humans.  Fair-goers viewed more than 1,000 photographs showing the Filipinos as robbers, murderers and rapists.  The Philippine exhibit had 18 million visitors.
      2. But the future of the Philippines would be decided in the American Aryan Capital. The very idea of that a Pacific Negro [Aguinaldo] was capable of ruling eight million people was unthinkable.

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