Friday, September 20, 2013

Breaking Bad - Ozymandias - Walt's Fake Angry Phone Call

Read it. Its obvious Walt is playing the abusive husband to absolve Skyler of any criminal liability:

Walt: "Are you alone? No Police?"
Skyler - No, no Police. 
[Obviously,  Walt knows the police are listening. Otherwise why call the house land-line at the that time? And why call to berate and threaten her? Walt has already decided to return the baby and 'disappear'. ]

"What the hell is wrong with you?” Why can’t you do one thing I say? This is your fault. This is what comes of your disrespect. I told you Skyler. I warned you for a solid year — If you cross me, there’ll be consequences. What part of that didn't you understand?"
[Walt plays the abusive husband.  Establishes that Skyler had been threatened with losing her child or worse, for over a year if she disrespects or 'crosses'  Walt.]

Skyler - You took my child. You bring him back. 

 "[I took your child] because you need to learn! Maybe now you’ll listen. Maybe now you’ll use your damn head. You know, you never believed in me. You were never grateful for anything I did for this family. ‘Oh no, Walt, Walt you have to stop! You have to stop this! It’s immoral! It’s illegal! Someone might get hurt!’
[Establishes that Skyler has been against Walt's criminal activity thinking it immoral, illegal and might end in violence.  Also, that Skyler had been against it from the start.]

"You’re always whining and complaining about how I make my money, just trying to bring me down while I do everything! And now, now, you tell my son what I do? After I told you, I told you to keep your damn mouth shut? You stupid bitch! How dare you?”
[Establishes that Walt did all the criminal activity - Skyler nothing.  Walt has told Skyler to tell no one not even their son.]

Skyler:  I'm Sorry. 
[Skyler finally understands what Walt is doing and plays along - although this has a double or even triple meaning]

"You had no right to discuss anything about what I do. What the hell do you know about anything? Nothing! I built this – me. Me alone, nobody else. "
[Again, Walt is responsible for all the criminal activity Skyler did nothing and knew little.]

 Skyler:  Right. You're Right 
[Again Skyler plays the abused wife, taking orders.]

"You mark my words, Skyler, toe the line. Or you will wind up just like Hank."
[ A death threat so that Skyler can claim she went along out of fear for her life.]

Skyler: Tell me what happened. Where is Hank? Please. We need to know.”

"You'll never see Hank again.  He crossed me.  You think about that! Family or No. You let that sink it.”
[ Restates the death threat. Note: Walt does not say he killed Hank.]

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