Friday, August 09, 2013

Tiger Woods Putter lets him down - 2013 PGA Championship - Day 2

Tiger shoots a mediocre 70, leaving him 10 shots behind the leader.  While others were tearing up the course, Tiger's putting woes had him stuck in neutral.   With 4 birdies, all Tiger had to do was play par golf on the remaining 14 holes.  The sorry record:

1.  3-Putts at  the 14th and 16th - including misses from 3 feet and 5 feet. Tiger actually drove the green on the 14th, then 3-putted for par.
2.  Missed Par putts at the 2nd and 11th - from 6 and 10 feet.
3.  Missed Birdie Putts at the 10th and 13th - from 10 feet and 7 feet.
4.  Tiger birdied 4 holes. But the putts were from 2 feet, 8 feet, 5 feet, and 10 feet.

Tiger had another 5  Birdie chances with putts of 18-25 feet,  and missed them all.

Given his great Iron play and chipping, Tiger should have shot a 65.  Supposedly, Tiger dislikes "slow" greens - so the soft/wet conditions may be to blame. OTOH,  as Golfers  age their putting skills decline, and become more erratic.

He still has a chance. But he will have to shoot at least a 66 tomorrow and something similar on Sunday. There are simply too many golfers 6-10 shot ahead of him.  After his Bridgestone triumph, the Yahoos were proclaiming Tiger a "lock" for the PGA - now the same Yahoos regard him as "finished".

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