Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Repatriation of Japanese After WW II

From General MacArthur's reports:

At the end of the war over six million Japanese were scattered throughout the islands in the Western Pacific and on the Asiatic mainland. Their repatriation became one of the major problems confronting General MacArthur. Their early return to Japan was desirable for purely humanitarian reasons as well as for the purpose of easing the economic burden of the liberated countries.

September 1, 1945:  Overseas Japanese to be returned to Japan:

Australian Areas
Bypassed Solomon Islands, Rabaul, New Guinea  - 139,000

British Areas
Southeast Asia (includes Indochina, Burma, Malaysia, Borneo) - 750,000
Dutch East Indies - 15,000

Chinese Areas
China - 1.5 Million
Formosa - 480,000

US Areas
Philippines - 132,000 (includes 12,000 POW taken before 8-15-1945)
Bypassed Central Pacific  Islands - 132,000
Bypassed Ryukyu Islands - 69,000
South Korea - 600,000

USSR Areas
North Korea - 320,000
Manchuria - 1.3 Million
Kuril Islands - 370,000
USSR POW (Siberia) - 700,000

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