Friday, November 09, 2012

The Republicans - Still stuck on Stupid

What can I write about Romney's loss?  Republicans thy name is stupidity.  Lets look at the tape:

1) 2012: Republicans nominate a 65 year-old Mormon Harvard MBA who's lost a Senate bid and was a one-term Moderate Governor of Massachusetts. Despite Flipped-flopping, and pandering to moderates  on every major issue, he loses.

2) 2008: Republicans nominate a 72 year-old cranky old fart who's never won an election outside of his safe Arizona seat and has spent that last 8 years attacking Conservatives and working with Ted Kennedy.

3) 2000: Republicans nominate a Harvard MBA and one-term Texas Governor who supports open borders and "Compassionate conservatism".  Elected by a narrow margin, Conservatives support his every sell-out of Conservative principles. Bush II leaves office with one of the lowest popularity rating ever.

3) 1996: Republicans nominate a 73 year-old cranky old fart who's never won an election outside of his safe  Kansas seat and is proud of being more moderate than George Bush.

4) 1992: Republicans  stand by their leader - who's betrayed every conservative principle. He gets 36% of the vote.

5) 1988:  Republicans nominate a 64 year-old Yale grad who's lost two Senate bids, flipped-flopped on every major issue, and was never won an election outside of a safe Texas Republican Seat
After calling Reagan a "Right-wing extremist"  in 1980; he barely wins by falsely claiming he's a "Reagan Republican".

6)1980: Opposed by Bush, Bush II, Dole, and the entire Republican establishment  Reagan is nominated and wins election.  In 1984 he is re-elected with 60% of the vote.

7) 1976: Deeming Reagan "too extreme"; Republicans nominate a 63 year-old Yale Law grad who's flipped-flopped on every major issue, and has never won an election outside of a safe Rural Michigan Republican Seat.  After declaring "Eastern Europe has never been dominated by the USSR" he is defeated by a Georgia Peanut Farmer.

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