Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why Andersonville was a death camp - The Confederate Surgeon's Report

From the Report of T.S. Hopkins, Confederate Acting Assistant Surgeon August 1, 1864

Causes of Death and Mortality
1. Large number of prisoners crowded together (35 square feet per man)
2. The entire absence of vegetables causing Scurvy.
3. The want of barracks and shelter from the sun and rain.
4. The lack of wood for cooking and good water
5. Badly cooked food (when cooked)
6. Filthy condition of prisoners and the prison
7. The morbidific emanations from the branch (stream) passing through the camp which is a morass of filth and human excrement.

The chief causes of death were scurvy and its results, and bowel afflictions - acute diarrhea and dysentery. Scurvy being caused by the unvarying diet of corn meal, salt and meat with but few vegtables  and imperfect supplies of vinegar and syrup.

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