Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meade - They can take this job and shove it

To Mrs. Meade,
Headquarters army of the Potomac, Berlin, Md., July 16, 1863.
I wrote to you of the censure put on me by the President, through General Halleck, because I did not bag General Lee, and of the course I took on it. I don't know whether I informed you of Halleck's reply, that his telegram was not intended as a censure, but merely ‘to spur me on to an active pursuit,’ which I consider more offensive than the original message; for no man who does his duty, and all that he can do, as I maintain I have done, needs spurring. It is only the laggards and those who fail to do all they can do who require spurring. They have refused to relieve me, but insist on my continuing to try to do what I know in advance it is impossible to do.
My army (men and animals) is exhausted; it wants rest and reorganization; it has been greatly reduced and weakened by recent operations, and no reinforcements of any practical value have been sent. Yet, in the face of all these facts, well known to them, I am urged, pushed and spurred to attempting to pursue and destroy an army nearly equal to my own, falling back upon its resources and reinforcements, and increasing its morale daily. This has been the history of all my predecessors, and I clearly saw that in time their fate would be mine. This was the reason I was disinclined to take the command, and it is for this reason I would gladly give it up.


Trooper York said...


Mrs. Meade doesn't care what you have to say.

She is too busy sucking up to Obama and deleting her commentors.

Just sayn'

rcocean said...

I'm trying to imagine General Meade and Mrs. Meade "sucking up" to a Mulatto from the Sandwich Islands.

Nope, can't do it. You must be talking about another "Mrs Meade".

And thanks for the post.