Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gettysburg - july 12th - Meade will attack tommorrow

Couch To Meade, Chambersburg, July 12, 1863—12.30 P. M.
It is reported that the rebels crossed a good many horses yesterday at Williamsport, swimming the river, and that fourteen flats were nearly completed yesterday. I can't find out that any large force of the enemy are at Fairview.

My second division will move down so soon as my provisions are up.

Meade To Couch, July 12, 1863.
My troops occupied Hagerstown this morning, the enemy retiring towards Williamsport before them. The enemy are intrenched on a line one mile and a half from Hagerstown, in the direction of dam number four on the river. The road is open to you to Hagerstown.

Meade To Halleck, July 12, 1863—4.30 P. M.
Upon advancing my right flank across the Antietam this morning the enemy abandoned Funkstown and Hagerstown, and my line now extends from the later place to Fairplay. The advance of the cavalry on the right showed the enemy tobe strongly posted on the Hagerstown and Williamsport road, about a mile and a half from Hagerstown. On the left the cavalry advance showed them to be in position back of St. James College and at Downsville. Their position runs along the high ground from Downsville to near Hagerstown. This position they are prospecting. Batteries are established on it. It is my intention to attack them to-morrow unless something intervenes to prevent it, for the reason that delay will strengthen the enemy and will not increase my force.

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