Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mad Men - A Little Kiss

So Mad Men returns after 17 months and I can't say I cared that much. It wasn't a bad episode and was amusing in many places BUT it simply highlights the mistake the Producers made at the end of Season 3. Basically, after Season 3 MM had two ways to go, it could stay in the 1960-1965 time-frame and develop the characters - as originally conceived -  or it could go beyond that point and rely on new characters and new situations to continue the fan interest.

Sadly, MM made the second choice.  So, the while characters we know from Season 1 are still there (except for Betty) all  the dramatic tension is gone.  Don is no longer the disgruntled "Organization Man" with a secret;  his marriage with Betty is over, and he's at the top of the world professionally.  Joan, Pete, Roger and Peggy are no longer  life-like people with thwarted ambitions and unrealized dreams who somewhat dislike and attack each other,  but more or less comic "frenemies" who've left S&C to be with their best buds.

Even worse is the prospect of our characters 'growing' as they accept that "times are a changing" and that sexism, racism, and homophobia have no place in new America.  Or being shown as bigots and chauvinists bitterly clinging to their out-moded beliefs.  No doubt Roger will end as a bitter old coot in a rocking chair railing against Hippies and women's lib.

But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and the producers will surprise me.  Time will tell.

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