Friday, January 27, 2012

Tennessee Coats and the weirdness of Atlantic Magazine

By "Tennessee Coats" of course I really mean "Ta-Nehisi Coates". I call Mr. Coates "Tennessee Coats" because I always mis-remember his name. I always think its "Tanishi Coats" or "Tan Coats" or "T-something Coats" . I never remember that first name Hyphen and extra "H" in the first name or that extra "e" in the second.
But I digress. I've started to read "The Atlantic" since Bob Wright, Mr. Bloggingheads, went there and what an odd place it is. You got "Tennessee Coats" the token black guy, Megan Mcardle the token Libertarian & token female (a two-fer), Jeff Goldberg -the Professional Jew - who yaks about antisemitism and Israel, and then 4-5 liberal whiter-than-white guys, like Fallow, Wright, Thompson and Crooks, commenting on politics and finance.

It reminds me of Archie Bunkers' definition of a balanced ticket:

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