Friday, January 07, 2011

FDR Terminates MacArthur's Position in the Philippines - Aug 1937


The President requests me to advise that General Douglas MacArthur be informed that his services in the Philippines shall terminate upon the conclusion of a two year tour of duty there; that the General is needed for service in the United States; that the General be acquainted with post commands ^to which he may be assigned at the time of his return to active duty in the United States; and that he be given his preference of such posts as may be available at that time. As a furthur consideration, in the event the General prefers some Corps Area or other command which may not be open, at that time, the President is willing that the War Department work out much transfer of officers as may be necessary to permit General MacArthur to take over the post he most desires.

The President has noted the contents of the confidential letter addressed by Brigadier General Conley to General Douglas MacArthur, under date of September 18, 1935. He directs that such portions of this letter or of existing War Department orders as conflict with the above request shall be nullified, i.e. "x x x limit of time of foreign service is waived in your case" etc.

Secretary to the President

Later Memo from Craig on this in Miss LeHands Confidential Files.

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