Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mere Innocence is No Defense

I couldn't care less about Andrew Sullivan or TNR but I thought Matt Y's quoting - and explaining - the Bolshevik attitude toward "justice" was cool:
Like most of TNR’s very worst work, it suffers deeply from schizophrenia about the idea of flinging around baseless charges of anti-semitism. On the one hand, the charges are baseless so the writer hesitates to fling them around. On the other hand, flinging baseless charges of anti-semitism is the essence of the magazine’s commentary on Israel. For the purposes of intimidation, after all, baseless charges work better than well-grounded ones. Nikolai Krylenko, Bolshevik Minister of Justice, said “we must execute not only the guilty, execution of the innocent will impress the masses even more.” And it’s much the same here. If you call anti-semites anti-semites, then people who aren’t motivated by anti-Jewish racism will figure “hey, since my political opinions aren’t motivated by anti-Jewish racism, then I’m safe.” The idea is to put everyone on notice that mere innocence will be no defense. But relatively few people are actually goonish enough to execute the strategy properly, so instead Wieseltier’s piece beats around the bush and doesn’t really come out and say what it’s saying."


Trooper York said...

I blame Bush!

Trooper York said...

By the way, I caught a couple of episodes of the first season of "Mad Men" on Prime Time on Demand during the snow storm. It was the ones where Joan was banging Roger. And he had a heart attack with the twins and the other guy was banging the chick from "Sons of Arnachy." Hot stuff, you should check it out if you haven't already seen it.

rcocean said...

Thanks for the posts. I'll check it out - but first I'll have to figure out how/if I can get "Prime time on Demand"