Monday, October 05, 2009

Mad Men - Season 3 Souvenir

Betty wins the Reservoir fight and goes with Dan to Rome. Pete meanwhile stays in the City alone and cleans a dress, meets Jane managing a dress shop, and has a fling with the nanny next door. Sally kisses a boy then beats up her brother.

The Good

  • Finally a show that shows Betty in a good light, now we know why Don married her.
  • The shot of Sally and Betty in the same mirror was great.
  • January looked great (except for the beehive) the entire episode
  • Pete and Jane's encounter, well-written and acted
  • Betty's look when Mr. Rockefeller aide kisses her.
  • Pete's look of guilt and terror when the Nanny's boss confronts him
  • Pete shifting the blame to Trudy for his infidelity
The Bad
  • No Roger
  • Betty's Beehive hairdo - ugh.
Other Matters
Jane's now working as a manager in a dress shop and tells Pete her husband is thinking of Psychiatry. Good - you can't kill a patient with a pad and pencil.

Pete and Trudy seem to following the script from "Seven Year Itch" where all the wives leave New York in August while the men continue to work. Of course, most New Yorkers in 1963 couldn't leave for the summer- only the middle and upper classes.

Overall Rating
The show takes a break from the office and focuses on only 3 characters: Don, Betty, and Pete. An above average show which shows Betty (in a good way) and gave January some time to shine. Pete was his usual bad little boy self. ***1/2 stars.

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Trooper York said...

What a bunch of baloney. Like Jane can just sell dresses! What do you think any idiot can sell dresses!!!

Oh wait a minute.