Monday, October 19, 2009

Mad Men - Season 3 - The Color Blue


Betty opens Don's "Secret Drawer" and discovers Don isn't who she thinks he is. Don continues his affair with the School teacher and meets her brother. At the office, we learn the Brits plan on Selling S&C, while Paul gets a great idea - but then loses it..

The Good

  • No Conrad Hilton
  • Peggy coming up with a Campaign on the spot. Paul realization that Peggy really better than him was well-acted.
  • "Does Mona know about?"
  • Paul's getting an idea, then losing
  • "Who told you I was Vain? Please, its obvious."
  • "Churchill rousing or Hitler rousing?"
  • Betty calling Mr. Rockefeller Aide & being shot down
  • Betty NOT having a cliched confrontation with Don - excellent
  • Don and the Teacher on the train
The Bad
  • The Hokey way Betty finds out about Don's past.
  • The Selling of S&C - so the whole Brit takeover was a shaggy dog story?
Other Matters

My biggest disappointment was the WAY in which Betty finds out about Don's past. I mean, a secret drawer?! If Betty wanted to open that Drawer - all she had to do was call a locksmith. You can argue Don WANTED Betty to find out, or didn't care. But if Don really wanted to keep a secret its unbelievable that he'd put all his secret documents in desk drawer with a wife who has nothing to do all day. Safe Deposit Box anyone?

Whether free Spirit or kook, the teacher-Don relationship seems fated to end badly. Another Don misjudgment - but in character.

Will the sale of S&C open the way for Sal and Joan to get back and will the Duck be involved?

Overall Rating
Only a few episodes left this season and things are finally moving. There were so many good things about this episode. Good thing the focus is back on Don and his juggling act. Looking ahead, the story possibilities are endless. It'll be interesting to see if the MM writers can keep up the quality and stay away from cliches. **** stars.

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Trooper York said...

Crazy teacher is sure to burn a bunny on his stove. Especially when she finds out he dropper her brother by the side of the road.

Trooper York said...

Lot of criticism for Paul rubbing one out at the office.

Dudes did you ever work in a office?


Trooper York said...

I mean if I worked with Joan I would be walking around with Ron Wood and the rest of the forest all day. Just sayn.

Trooper York said...

Betty is a gold plated bitch. Her daughter is going to leave her at the race track when the time comes.

rcocean said...

Thanks for the comments. Yep, Betty isn't "Mommy Dearest" yet but wait a few years.