Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mad Men - Season 3 - Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency

The Brits come to visit and leave something for the Mad Men to remember them by. Don and Roger kiss and make up - Joan meanwhile, has a going away party and learns her Husband won't be a Surgeon - just a MD. At home, Sally gets a new Barbie Doll and learns babies aren't ghosts.

The Good
  • The cobra as a gift.
  • Kinsey & the whole beard/guitar/marxist shtick - what a poseur.
  • One of your greatest qualities is you always do what you're told
  • "I'm being punished for making my job look easy"
  • "I feel like I've been to my own funeral, and I didn't like the eulogy"
  • Cleaning the blood off the glass- nice touch .
  • "It looks like Iwo Jima in here"
  • Peggy fainting and Pete catching her
  • Poor Guy, women drivers -'nough said.
  • Joan springing into action.
  • Sally screaming at the Barbie (needs to watch less Twilight Zone)
The Bad
  • Betty just gets more and more bitchy. The writers are overdoing it.
  • Is that a new kid actor playing Don's Son? He doesn't look anything like him.

Other Matters
As a practical matter, wouldn't be rather difficult to run over someone's foot with a Small JD tractor? You'd have to hit them at just the right angle, otherwise they' d get bumped first or would jump out of the way. And how do you get a JD tractor into a large Manhattan office building all the way up to the 20th floor. Ken must have some hidden talents.

The Profumo Scandal
Joan Harris: Well, we can hire some prostitutes. I know your prime minister enjoys their company.

John Hooker: Secretary of war. You do best not to bring that up tomorrow.

Little did Joan know that JFK liked prostitutes too -lots of them. Those and Gangsters girlfriends and Marilyn Monroe. According to Harold Macmillan JFK stated he had to have sex every day otherwise he got headaches.

Overall Rating
Another comic (well, black comedy) episode highlighting the office. And Joan gets some excellent screen time. Probably the best episode this season, although it looks like the writers are adrift in portraying Don's homelife. The lawnmower bit was a gimmick - but still fun.
**** stars.

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Trooper York said...

Hey the guy just wanted to put his best foot forward.

I kept expecting to hear the Nanny start screaming after trying to believe Mr. Sheffield as an advertising executive.

Trooper York said...

That Campbell guy is a real dick though.

rcocean said...

Campbell had a good line though:

"One more "promotion", and the British will have us answering the phones".

rcocean said...

Thanks for posting.