Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mad Men - Season 3 - The Arrangements

Another not much happens episode. We say goodbye to Gene, who goes to that Big Dough-boy Parade in the Sky. Meanwhile, Peggy decides to move to Manhattan and searches for a new roommate, while Sal makes the move to TV director and his wife uneasy. Oh, and Pete takes a rich old college friend to the cleaners.

The Good
  • The whole Jai Lai subplot was well done and funny.
  • Joan telling Peggy how to write a Roommate wanted ad.
  • Gene letting Sally drive (Brings back memories)
  • The prank phone call to Peggy (Hilarious)
  • The Bye Bye Birdie Video ( it was off wasn't it?)
  • Peggy's smirk to Don after the Video aired.
  • Gene and Betty's Conversation about his Death.
The Bad
  • Don's comment about a "Dead Man's Hat". After his obvious distaste for Roger's Black-face, is Don running for liberal prig of the year?
  • Sally's little speech at the end "Why are you laughing"? The thrust of the speech was good - but the words and reactions were simply too advanced for a little girl of eight.
  • Peggy's mother's reaction to her moving to Manhattan. Yes, I"m sure Ma never thought her Daughter "The Big Ad Exec" would ever, ever, move to Manhattan - a whole 1 hour away (Sarcasm off) The whole scene struck me as overdone. Are Irish Mothers really this dramatic? Maybe I'm too much of a cold-blooded Protestant.

Other Matters
Gene digs out an old WWI German Helmet and gives it to Draper Junior. He tells Grandson that he personally killed the German (not likely) and the that hole in the helmet is where Gene shot him and the gunk around the hole is "Dried blood". (45 year old blood -Ha). Problem is, the helmet, is a Prussian "dress" or "parade ground" Helmet - not a Combat Helmet. Any German soldier in a combat zone would be wearing the famous steel "Coal-shuttle" helmet, Was that a goof, or was it another detail to show Grandpa as a teller of tall tales?

And yes, some Norwegians marry Catholics and either (1) convert or (2) are perfectly happy to raise the kids as Catholics.

Overall Rating
Except for Gene's death, a lighthearted almost comic episode. Not bad. But enough treading water, lets get the story moving.. *** stars.

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Trooper York said...

Dude it was terrible. She only had one cigarette while pregnant so I only got to do one shot. Rip-off.

Trooper York said...

On the other hand that was a totally accurate depiction of an Irish bitch mother.

My wife said she was just like her grandmother whose nickname late in life was "Throw Mama from the Train."

Trooper York said...

Oh and French movies suck man.

Stock up on some Italian ones dude.

Especailly Westerns starring Marvin Hagler or Fred Williamson.

Trooper York said...

Wait a minute I posted that last comment on the wrong thread. Sorry.

rcocean said...

Ha. Wait, I thought you got a drink for every drink Betty took?

Irish Mothers are really like that? Well, that explains a lot.

Thanks for posting.