Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Did Hitler Want War?

Pat Buchanan writes as follows:

"Hitler had never wanted war with Poland, but an alliance with Poland such as he had with Francisco Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Miklos Horthy’s Hungary and Father Jozef Tiso’s Slovakia.

Indeed, why would he want war when, by 1939, he was surrounded by allied, friendly or neutral neighbors, save France. And he had written off Alsace, because reconquering Alsace meant war with France, and that meant war with Britain, whose empire he admired and whom he had always sought as an ally.

As of March 1939, Hitler did not even have a border with Russia. How then could he invade Russia?

Winston Churchill was right when he called it “The Unnecessary War”—the war that may yet prove the mortal blow to our civilization."

I appreciate Pat's efforts in attacking the absurd "Munich Myth" but his statement that "Hitler didn't want war" is just as absurd.

Hitler wanted war -not with the UK/France - but war with the USSR. War was necessary to achieve his goals namely destruction of what he called "Judeo-Communism" and the attainment of "Living Space" in Russia and the Ukraine. Britain and France could have remained at peace with Hitler had then been willing to stand aside and let Hitler dominate Eastern Europe and then attack the USSR. But had they done so, Hitler could have ended up controlling all of Europe from the Rhine to the Urals - and so powerful he could have imposed his will without war on the UK and France.

The big mistake was UK/France's going to war without the USSR as an ally. A UK/USSR/France Alliance in August 1939 would have prevented war since it would have boxed Hitler in and made any further aggression impossible. Attack the USSR, and he'd have France/UK at his back and vice-versa. Attacking Nazi Germany without the USSR was an act of stupidity that almost to led to Hitler controlling all of Europe. The only thing that saved us was the bravery and skill of the Russian/Ukrainian soldier and the stupidity of Hitler.

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