Sunday, June 14, 2009

Was D-Day Necessary?

Probably not.

We’ve just been deluged with the usual hype regarding D-day. For example, “Captain Ed” states the conventional wisdom:

“(the allies) sent their best young men to storm the beaches of Normandy and liberate an entire continent from the iron grip of a madman and a cult of death that surrounded him.”
In fact, D-day was unnecessary to defeat Hitler. After Stalingrad, the Red Army with 6 million men and 20,000 tanks had gone on the offensive and had pushed the Germans back hundreds of miles. The numbers were against Hitler, and there’s simply no way he could have stopped the Soviet Steamroller. Had we not invaded France in June 1944, the Russians still would have destroyed Army Group Central and pushed the Germans out of Roumania, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece and much of Poland. Hitler couldn't’t have transferred enough men from France to the Eastern front to stop the Russians. Of the 60 Divisions in France, probably 30 were mobile nought to fight on Eastern Front. Transferring these 30 to the 180 already there, gives the Germans 210 divisions . Still not enough to stop the 400 plus Soviet divisions.

It probably would been better if the allies had not invaded Normandy, but sent more men to Italy. We then could have (1) destroyed the 300,000 German army in Italy and then (2) invaded the Balkans. By the Spring of 1944, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Roumania were desperately looking for a way out. They would have loved to changed sides, and been occupied by the UK/USA as opposed to Stalin.

The real reason we invaded France was political. We wanted in ensure Western Europe and West German were occupied by the Allies and not Stalin. Our invasion of France, had other benefits, such as stopping the V-1 menace, and liberating the French.

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