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How many men does Johnson Have? April 1862

Grant before and after the battle at Shiloh estimates the Confederate army at anywhere from 70,000 to 100,000:

April 5, 1862
Major Gen Halleck, St Louis Mo

The main force of the enemy is at Corinth with troops at different points East. Small Garrisons are at Bethel, Jackson, and Humboldt. The numbers of the enemy at Corinth and within supporting distance of it cannot be far from 80,000 men... Information from deserters place their force west at 200,000.

US Grant

To Commanding officer
Advance forces near Pittsburg landing
April 6th 1862

The attack on my forces has been very spirited form early this morning... The rebel force is estimated at over 100,000 men...

US. Grant Major General.

April 9th, 1862
Major Gen Halleck, St Louis Mo

The attack on Sunday was made, according to the best evidence I have by 162 regiments. Of these many were lost by killed, wounded, and desertion.

They are at present very crippled and cannot recover under two or three weeks. Of this matter, you may better to able to judge then I am...

US Grant, Major General
Pittsburg Tennessee.

To George Ihrie, San Francisco CA
April 25th, 1862

... It does not take into account that with a force of less than 35,000 men we kept at bay all day Sunday over 80,000.

US. Grant Major General.

To Congressman Washburne, Washington D.C.
May 14th, 1862

Dear Sir;

...Those people who expect a field of battle to be maintained , for a whole day, with about 30,000 men most of them entirely raw, against 70,000 as was the case at Pittsburg landing, whist awaiting for reinforcements without loss of like life, know little of war.

US. Grant Major General.

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