Thursday, June 04, 2009

Halleck tries to Get Rosecrans to attack - Part II

June 16, 1863—2 p. m
Major- General Rosecrans,

Is it your intention to make an immediate movement forward? A
definite answer, yes or no, is required.

H.W. HALLECK, General-in- Chief:

June 16, 1863—6.30 p. m.
Maj. Gen. H. W. HALLECK, General-in- Chief:

In reply to your inquiry, if immediate means to-night or to-morrow,
no. If it means as soon as all things are ready, say five days, yes.


June 21, 1863.

In your favor of the 12th instant you say you do not see how the maxim
of not fighting two great battles at the same time applies to the case of this army and Grant’s. Looking at the matter practically, we and our opposing forces are so widely separated tbat for Bragg to materially aid Johnston he must abandon our front substantially, and thea we can move to our ultimate work with more rapidity and less wa toof material on natural obstacles. If Grant is defeated, both forces will come here,and tbcn we ought to be near our base.The same maxim that forbids, as you take it, a single army fighting two greatbattles at the same time (by the way, a very awkward thing to do), would forbid this nation’s eugagiu~, all its forces in the great West at the same time, so as to leave itwithout a single reserve to stem the current of possible disaster. This is, I think, sustained by high military and political considerations. We ought to fight here if we have a strong prospect of winning a decisive battle over tbe opposing force, and upon this ground I shall act. I shall be careful not to risk our last reserve without strong grounds to expect success.

Major- General.

June 24, 1863—2.10 a. m.
Major-General HALLECK, General-in- Chief:

The army begins to move at 3 o’clock this morning.

Major- General.

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