Saturday, June 06, 2009

Captain Ed - Gets WW II wrong - Again

Captain Ed tries to play History professor & celebrate D-Day. He writes this:

"Sixty-five years ago today, the US, Britain, Canada, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland and others, sent their best young men to storm the beaches of Normandy and liberate an entire continent from the iron grip of a madman and a cult of death that surrounded him. Over 150,000 of them charged off of the troop carriers; at least 2500 never made it off the beaches, or in some cases, not even onto the beaches. No one actually knows the exact number lost on D-Day, and many of the dead were never found. The official casualty figure, including wounded and missing, exceeds 10,000."

First of all "New Zealand"? Of course, there were New Zealanders fighting Hitler but most of them were in Italy or the RAF. And if you're going to mention Norway, what not the Dutch and or the French - didn't they help out a little bit?

Secondly, we weren't fighting to liberate an "entire continent" from the grip of madman, because we'd already promised that other "Madman" (Stalin) Poland, Hungary, Romania, 1/2 of Germany, the Baltic Countries, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.

Thirdly, the "best young men" had been fighting in Italy since August 1943, and the Soviets been fighting Hitler since June 1941. And to put D-Day losses in perspective - the Soviets lost 700,000 men Killed and missing from January to June 1944. By the time we landed at Normandy, the Germans had lost on the Eastern Front, 2,000,000 men Killed, disabled, missing.

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