Thursday, May 14, 2009

Civil War Generals - Murdered

As an interesting comment on how different American society was in the 1860s, several Generals (North and South) were murdered by private citizens and fellow Generals. Amazing, no one ever arrested or convicted for the following deaths:

1)CSA Major General Van Dorn - Killed on May 7, 1863 by a Dr. Peters. Van Dorn was a bit of a ladies man, and Dr. Peters alleged Van Dorn had "violated the sanctity of the home".
2)CSA General Brantly was assassinated in Mississippi in 1870 while riding his buggy.
3)CSA Major General Hindman was assassinated in his Arkansas home in 1868
4)CSA General W.W Adams was killed in an 1888 street encounter with a Newspaper Editor
5)CSA General Wharton Killed by CSA Col George Baylor April 6, 1865 because "Wharton called Baylor a liar and slapped his face".
6)US General Jeff Davis murdered US Major-General "Bull" Nelson on Sept 29th 1862 because Nelson insulted Davis and slapped his face.

In addition:

7)CSA General B.Grimes was assassinated in 1880 by William Parker a "hired assassin". Parker was later acquitted, but was lynched by an angry mob.
8)CSA General Lucius Walker was killed in duel with General Marmaduke on Sept 6, 1863. Walker felt Gen Marmaduke had questioned his courage and was killed in duel with Pistols at 20 paces.

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