Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jefferson Davis - Neo-Conservative

Just finished reading an excellent Biography of the Confederate President. I'm certain that if Jeff Davis came back to life he would be McCain Republican.

Jefferson Davis believed the following:

1) Open Borders. He was against any limit on immigration
2) Free Trade - He was against any tariff for protection of industry
3) Favored War to obtain additional territory & as a way to settle international disputes
4) Wanted to Annex Cuba, Northern Mexico and Nicaragua
5) Believed in low taxes, was against the income tax. Also, against Taxes for Internal Improvements
6) His policy on the Slave Trade was very similar to McCain's on illegal immigration. Davis wasn't FOR the Slave Trade - he was just against helping the Royal Navy stop it or really punishing anyone engaged in it. He also thought it was silly to regard it as immoral since "Africans are better off here as slaves; then in Africa". In 1858 he stated:

". I deny any coincidence of opinion with those who prate of the inhumanity and sinfulness of the trade. The interest of Mississippi, not of the African, dictates my conclusion. Her arm is no doubt strengthened by the presence of a due proportion of the servile caste, but it might be paralyzed by such an influx as would probably follow, if the gates of the African slave market were thrown open. This conclusion in relation to Mississippi is based upon my view of her present condition, not upon any general theory. It is not supposed to be applicable to Texas, to New Mexico, or to any future acquisitions to be made south of the Rio Grande."

7) Like McCain he thought there were jobs "Americans (white) wouldn't do". One reason why Slavery was necessary. Just as McCain thinks Americans won't pick lettuce $50/hour, Davis thought White men wouldn't pick Cotton - no matter the price.
8) Davis believed in Judicial Supremacy. What the SCOTUS said was the law of the land and had to be obeyed. Only instead of Roe v Wade it was Dred Scott. He claimed the constitution gave him the right to take his slaves anywhere in the USA and be "protected" in his property.
9) Davis in a strong executive.

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