Wednesday, November 05, 2008

McCain Lost - Thank Goodness

I didn't vote for Obama but McCain lost - so I couldn't be happier. This backstabbing, 72 year old warmongering hothead never should have been nominated. I predicted he would lose and he did. He now goes back to the Senate and "reaching across the aisle". How long before he & the NYT ed op page kiss and make up?

[Just read this on Kaus " Reader C.C. suggests a "perfecta option"' in which you guess the date McCain "will self-servingly apologize, and be immediately forgiven, in the course of an exclusive interview with Joe Klein." My money is on next Wednesday"]

Anyway, I no longer have to dread 4 years of his stabbing conservatives in the back. Or 4 years of conservatives defending him - like some abused wife - for every sell-out and liberal policy. I no longer have to dread Joe Lieberman as AG or Secretary of State. I no longer have to dread the Republican party lining up behind amnesty & illegal immigration. I no longer have to dread listening to Grahame every day or McCain bombing Iran or starting a new Cold War. I no longer have to dread his taking Republicans on a death march that would have been ended with veto proof Democrat Congress in 2010.

Obama may make mistakes and pass bad laws. But if so, the country will hold the Democrats accountable and elect Republicans in 2012 to fix them.

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