Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Georgia - Are conservatives losing their minds?

What the hell is wrong with Conservatives? Upset that the Iraq war is winding down and want a new war? Bored with all the attention being paid to their own Country? The amount of belligerence and paranoia against Russia is getting absurd. Putin isn't Hitler. He's not a Communist Dictator. He's not even Gorbachev. Russia not trying to "conquer" Georgia**, Russia is not trying to "destroy a small democratic country". We are not "all Georgians now".

China is not a democracy. China is occupying a small little country call "Tibet". So why is China our friend and not Russia? Why can't Americans for once just STFU and stop acting like every country in every part of the world is somehow our responsibility.

I'm agreeing with Matt Ygelesis - something is very wrong.

**GLENN BECK: "Yes, Allen, let me go to you. I’ve been warning people for a while now that Russia is trying to corner the market. While everybody is saying, oh, they’re just waiting for us to lead the way on global warming. They`re going and they’re buying all of the carbon reserves that they can get their hands on. This is a play for the control of the globe in the long run, don`t you think?"


1jpb said...

Beck...I wonder what informed conservatives think about that guy?

He seems ridiculous at times. On the radio he talks about himself (often with folks on his staff) as though he's worried he may be unbalanced. Sometimes the staff agrees that there is something wrong with him. Funny stuff. But, I get bored with him after a short while.

Recently, he was on his radio show praising Batman for his pro torture and warrantless spying philosophy. Is someone going to tell him that movies are fiction?

rcocean said...

I actually like Beck, he's funny and entertaining on the Radio. But sometimes he'll beat a topic to death. And he seems unhinged about Putin and Russia.

Don't watch him on TV.

blake said...

I hope you're right, dude.

They seemed to have forgotten to stop at the border, tho'.