Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Civil War - Myth of The Deadly Springfield 1861 Rifle Musket

From General Rosecrans Report on the Battle of Stones River

Their average loss, taken from the statistics of Cleburne's, Breckin-ridge's, and Withers' divisions, was about 2,080 each. This, for six divisions of infantry and one of cavalry, will amount to 14,560 men, or to ours nearly as 165 to 100.
Of 14,560 rebels struck by our missiles, it is estimated that 20,000 rounds of artillery hit 728 men; 2,000,000 rounds of musketry hit 13,832 men, averaging 27.4 cannon-shots to hit 1 man; 145 musket-shots to hit 1 man.

General Thomas states the Army of the Cumberland expended 12,000,000 rounds from May to Sept 1864. Sherman gives the total Confederate loss Killed and Wounded during these four months as 22,000. Even if you assume all 22,000 KIA/WIA were caused by the Army of Cumberland musketry that comes to approximately 545 Springfield musket cartridges to hit one confederate soldier.

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