Friday, February 01, 2008

Captain Ed attacks Coulter

Yes, I know, what else is new? In addition to being verbose, pompous, and utterly humorless, "Captain Ed" is never happier than attacking a fellow conservative. He hates Buchanan, loathes Rush, and despises Coulter. So, Ed's the latest attack on her, for threatening to vote for Hillary was expected.

And as usual, Ed just doesn't get it. Coulter is a smart woman and she directs her humor toward smart people - who get the joke. Unfortunately, stupid people feel the need to comment on her. And so do not-so-stupid liberals and "reasonable" conservatives; who deliberately play dumb, and treat jokes and hyperbole as sober, serious policy statements.

But this is just S.O.P for Captain Ed. His constant attacks on Coulter use 2 basic tricks. Trick one, take a Coulter joke or sarcastic comment and treat it as a serious literal statement. Using this approach, you can attack anyone who makes any unserious comment. For example, isn't it shocking that Henry Youngman hated his wife and wanted someone to take her. And I'm glad someone stopped Reagan from bombing Russia in three minutes, like he threatened.

The 2nd approach, is simply to misquote her. He also tries that approach in his latest attack. You see, according to Ed: "she derided John Edwards as a "faggot" and then she refused to apologize. (!)

First, Coulter never apologizes to liberals since as shown in the case of Imus, Trent Lott, etc. an apology gets you nowhere. Conservatives are never forgiven. The whole point is to attack and destroy them, not reach some sort of understanding.

Secondly, in her JOKE she did not call or deride Edwards as a "faggot". She was making 2 points , one Edwards is a wuss, and secondly Hollywood and PC have gotten so out of hand that you need to go to rehab for using the word "faggot".

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